A seat at the table

The time is now to bring a folding chair as a black woman. Rise up and shine with confident knowing you are able, competent and full of intelligence to sit at the table. The table of influence, power to make decisions and effect change. It’s time to have a sit and realizing that your voice really matter regardless of the opinions of others. Rise up and shine in the midst of inequality, because you are more ready than you think. The time is now.

What you bring to the table black woman is more than words it’s the opportunity to make others being heard and to make a difference. Your forward is others success.

Not that you didn’t know that but unfortunately our society is blind to recognize you. Therefore be bold enough to lay your insecurities and others opinion about you away. Bring your folding chair and deliver insights, perspectives and knowledges as you always do. Look up because you add value to the table.

The time is now to arise and shine. Bring your folding chair powerful black woman.

mary kibirigeComment