30 Things

This is my thirty recent things I’ve been reflecting on:

  1. Always be yourself
  2. Makes sure to have enough sleep
  3. Being vulnerable is good for you
  4. Reflect often
  5. Have goals but it’s okay if you do not reach them all
  6. Seek inner peace
  7. Don’t underestimate yourself
  8. Laugh often
  9. Make time to be creative, even if you call yourself non-creative.
  10. Try something that scares you
  11. Do something you’ve dreamt about doing
  12. Fool around a lot, and play more
  13. Invite compassion into your life daily
  14. Be courageous
  15. Be honest and open about who you are
  16. Travel to big and small places
  17. Be honest and open about your feelings.
  18. Dare to put vulnerability on the line
  19. Ask for help when you don’t know
  20. Learn to communicate, it’s worth it!
  21. Enjoy being alone, it’s ok!
  22. Never compare, again just be!
  23. Invest in someone
  24. Take time with love ones 
  25. Have faith 
  26. Listen more  
  27. Just do it!
  28. Drink water
  29. Be kind
  30. Enjoy your now moment!  


mary kibirigeComment